Listen, synthesize, and thrive on customer feedbacks

Make sense of what make sense to your customers. Get meaningful and
actionable insights to deliver product value to customers.

Collect from anywhere

Feedio allows your customers to send feedbacks from anywhere – your websites, dashboards, chat platforms

Manage feedbacks at one place

Manage feedbacks on single board – move their status, tag them, – do everything that converts them into product features

Keep customers engaged

Enagaging with your customers is important. And Feedio keeps the engagement thriving with timely notifications

Product feedbacks to product features. Smartly and Quickly.

Which is what MSG91 is doing to transform themselves into a CPAS leader

Get in line

Manage feedbacks centrally

Tired of toggling between multiple spreadsheets and tools? Save time by managing everything centrally and transparently.

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Receive ideas from everyone

Welcome product suggestions from customers and client facing teammates. Listen directly from the Horse’s mouth. 🔥

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Engage and ship features

Understand use cases that bother the larger audience but are voiced by a few. Bring engagement into life!

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Pick, drag and move
your posts seamlessly

Communicate better with teammates🔥

Start managing feedback!

And transform product feedbacks into product advocates